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Here some literature taken from TODA RACING Co.

Increasing the diameter of the throttle and in combination with a tapered entrance helps to increase the amount of air the engine can breathe, giving improved performance.
Dimensions of throttle valve are 66.5mm up from 64mm for the valve diameter and the tapered entrance starting at a diameter of 70.4mm. All built-in parts are new. No trade-in is required so you get more performance and a new throttle assembly.
The power graph shown above compares a stock throttle with the TODA Big Single Throttle when fitted to the TODA Racing FD2 CIVIC (2150KIT) demo car.
Improvements in performance of up to 7 H.P. have been made.

The FD2 Civic Type-R Intake Manifold (RRC) is the highest flowing intake manifold for K-Series engines. The RRC intake manifolds performance is further increased by being meticulously hand ported by TODA Japan engine technicians. These are not regular production items, and made to order. Delivery times range from 4~6 weeks.

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