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STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7
STaSIS Audi A7

In addition to the exhaust system which was covered yesterday, a suspension package was also installed tonight on the Audi A7. The STaSIS package included a set of touring lowering springs and a rear sway-bar.

Suspension: Responsive and Refined – STaSIS carefully balances the interdependent systems of springs, sway bars, and dampers with ride height and alignment, drastically improving grip without sacrificing comfort.

Our Touring suspensions lower your stance for better weight transfer while maintaining the factory Drive Select functionality. We’ve engineered an increased spring rate to improve your car’s response, and high-performance roll bars for added corning group, giving you an introduction to the exotic performance experience. Our Street Sport suspensions, available for some models, add customizability, allowing you to adjust your ride height to meet your personal needs.

Our Challenge suspensions go a step further, unleashing your car’s ultimate potential. We use Ohlins SL coil-over technology and STaSIS double digressive valving for factory-level ride comfort with competition-level response to driver inputs, This suspension uses increased spring rates and anti-roll bars to improve driver response and reduce body roll. For the extreme enthusiast, we offer Motorsports suspensions for some models, giving you the ultimate in customization capability.

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