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honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda

TODA Exhaust Manifold for the 2006+ Honda Civic Si (FD2)

TODA competition exhaust manifold is developed based on data acquired from competition and continual engine dyno bench testing. It is designed to extract every bit of horsepower from a modified normally aspirated engine with attention paid to improving power all over the powerband.

Originally designed for the Japanese spec Civic Type-R (FD2) chassis. Primary Runners Secondary Runners Middle Section Collector 45mm 50mm 55mm~60mm 60mm

• For Competition Use Only. Factory Catalyst cannot be used.
• Compatible with US 4 door Civic SI (FA5 Chassis) under the condition both exhaust manifold and TODA exhaust systems (18000-FD2-00J) are used together.
• OEM O2 Sensor harness extension included.

Attention Competition Use Only: Vehicle modified by the use of competion parts may not meet the legal requirement for use on public roads.

TODA Exhaust System 2006+ Honda Civic Si 4 Door (FD2)

TODA Racing USA has concluded our test of the exhaust manifold and exhaust system orignally designed for the new Honda Civic Type-R (FD2) chassis. American spec Civic SI features a shorter catalyst compare to the Japanese Civic Type-R, which is un-heard of since any Honda enthusiasts that owned a B-series from 1990~2000 would know it was the opposite. Some of the significant difference in chassis/exhaust hanger designs are listed below. Since the factory catalyst in longer on the Japanese spec FD2 Type-R, which means the B-pipe after the catalyst is significantly shorter. Consumers would have to purchase both the exhaust manifold and exhaust system together if they intend on using TODA exhaust on their American spec Civic SI.

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